What happens when . . . ? For me, working with watercolors is defined by unpredictability and uniqueness, a journey with an uncertain destination. I form a partnership with paper and pigment, working toward an image that touches the soul – or at least my soul. Watercolors seek their own boundaries. When I hold a brush in my hand, I feel like an explorer faced with limitless possibilities.

My watercolor series, "The American Cowboy,” is inspired by my work on a Montana cattle ranch. It is my attempt to honor a rigorous cowboy lifestyle met with humor and grace, and to capture the stark beauty of the American West defined by its distinctive quality of light.

Kimmons is a watercolor artist working primarily in East Tennessee. While obtaining his degree in architecture, he studied oil painting and sculpture. While pursuing his career as an architect and real-estate developer, he developed his self-taught watercolor style.
He was accepted for membership in the Knoxville Watercolor Society, and his work has been displayed in numerous shows, both juried and non-juried. Kimmons’ watercolors are exhibited in galleries and offices (including the U.S. Senate Office Building), as well as retail stores and private collections.

★ Watercolor painting selected, Arts in the Airport juried show
★ Selected for admission, Knoxville Watercolor Society
★ Scholarship recipient, International Design Conference at Aspen
★ Triple Creek Ranch, Artists’ Workshop resident participant
★ Juror, State of Kentucky Solar Design Competition
★ Presenter/ Panelist, Residential Solar Design, Mississippi AIA Convention
★ Winning Developer, Farmers Market Redevelopment Competition, Knoxville, TN
★ Winning Design Team Member, U.of TN Art and Architecture Building Competition

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